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The IBM internal GitHub Enterprise system Running on Blue Box

The IBM internal GitHub Enterprise system Running on Blue Box

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Tasked with helping transform IBM, a year ago, our CIO office’s Whitewater team selected Github Enterprise as the next-generation software repository for IBM’s engineering teams. And while I’m not one to celebrate technology birthdays, IBM's GitHub Enterprise deployment is getting an awesome gift, wrapped in a big Blue Box.


IBM’s Github Enterprise installation is one of the largest in the world: nearly 13,000 IBMers rely on it for their daily work. And now, it’s running on an instance of IBM Blue Box Dedicated [RC1], serving up more than 1,000 Web requests per minute. Moving GHE@IBM outside the firewall brings a major improvement in the user experience by eliminating the need for clients to run a VPN client to access GitHub Enterprise, and the entire team could not be more proud that IBM Blue Box Dedicated is supporting this critical piece of IBMs infrastructure.

The decision to move GHE@IBM to IBM Blue Box Dedicated was made because it provides the Whitewater team an automated platform to facilitate deployment and operation of our Github Enterprise deployment via modern DevOps practices. The rapid growth in demand for the Github Enterprise platform from internal IBM teams dictates the need for infrastructure that can scale out rapidly. IBM Blue Box Dedicated delivers this for customers every day, and now we’re delivering it to the 13,000+ developers who use IBM’s Github Enterprise, too.

Our deployment of GitHub Enterprise is rapidly becoming one of the most successful for Github, and we are working with them to improve the architecture to meet not only our team’s needs, but also to improve the combination of IBM Blue Box Dedicated and Github Enterprise for anyone that needs their own GHE installation.

Securing the Environment

Making GHE@IBM available outside the IBM firewall is a reflection of the reality that the perimeter is an illusion. Our source code management systems are vulnerable to bad actors whether or not they are behind the firewall. We are working closely with partners in the IBM CISO organization to ensure that security risks are effectively managed. By applying modern cloud security best practices, we can move to internet-facing GitHub Enterprise while continuing to improve our security posture.

A Combination That Works for GHE

IBM is a global leader in the development and contribution of code to open source projects. Our customers have come to expect rapid iteration and innovation from our engineering organizations. It’s an important element of our competitive strength, and moving our Github Enterprise installation to IBM Blue Box Dedicated is an important step in supporting an even more agile and responsive engineering organization.

So, even though it’s IBM’s deployment of GHE that’s getting a birthday present wrapped in a Blue Box, the gift is available to anyone running Github Enterprise that needs a dedicated, secure, scalable environment.

Jesse Proudman
Jesse Proudman is the Founder and CTO of Blue Box. Jesse is an entrepreneur with an unbridled passion for Technology and the Internet’s infrastructure. With 17 years of hands on operating experience, Jesse brings vigor for corporate evangelism and product development mixed with an insatiable desire to win. You can find him on Twitter and .

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