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No Cute Metaphors, Just “Happy Birthday” to one of our Favorite Software Projects

No Cute Metaphors, Just “Happy Birthday” to one of our Favorite Software Projects

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Journalists make fun of software birthday parties. Rightly so. It’s not a news event. But, in the case of the hyper-accelerating success machine that is OpenStack, it’s fitting for the community that writes the software to stop once a year, grab a beer and mark the progress.

Stated more bluntly, the 4th OpenStack birthday is a community event, not a news event.

We are finally beginning to see what the ongoing maturity and iterative evolution of a successful open source software project looks like. Here’s what I see:

  • Ownership of the private cloud category: “CIO’s will buy any [private cloud] as long as it’s OpenStack” - Adrian Cockcroft
  • Growing enterprise adoption moving from exploration to production
  • Serious-minded volunteer leadership looking for sound answers to questions about governance, defcore and roadmap
  • A bandwagon effect that shows no signs of slowing
Happy 4th Birthday, OpenStack

But there’s something else I see rising in the OpenStack community that’s more indicative of success than any of these. It’s the emergence of deployment and business models that are connecting with app developers and users. I’m talking about the rise of managed hosted private cloud, or private cloud as a service (PCaaS).

Since that’s what we sell, it will surprise no one that I feel this way. But this trend is taking root across the OpenStack ecosystem. Providers of services and distros are now offering PCaaS as a lead gen tool, and companies built to run operations at scale (like Blue Box) are seeing growth, and plenty of attention from partners and others.

PCaaS is emerging as one of the most important consumption models, not as an "on ramp" to consuming a supported distro but as a scale, production, ongoing model that lets app devs consume OpenStack without having to become cloud infrastructure experts.

This emerging importance of app developers and cloud operators in the OpenStack community is a great example of this. People want the *benefits* of OpenStack, and PCaaS is a great way to get there without having to take enterprise IT’s eye off the “support our engineering efforts” ball.

You can join members of Blue Box at the OpenStack Seattle Meetup this Thursday, July 24th at Ada's Technical Books. We hope to see you there.

So raise a glass and celebrate, fellow Stackers. Good work.

Correction: I mis-attributed the OpenStack marketing quote to Werner Vogels. The correct attribution was Adrian Cockcroft. The quote is still fantastic regardless.

Jesse Proudman
Jesse Proudman is the Founder and CTO of Blue Box. Jesse is an entrepreneur with an unbridled passion for Technology and the Internet’s infrastructure. With 17 years of hands on operating experience, Jesse brings vigor for corporate evangelism and product development mixed with an insatiable desire to win. You can find him on Twitter and .

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