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OpenStack Interoperability

OpenStack Interoperability

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Interoperability is one of the foundational benefits of a technology initiative like OpenStack. Yet historically, certifying interoperability for a project as broad and far-reaching as OpenStack has been daunting.

That’s all about to change…

Today, Mirantis announced a new initiative focused on open certification for third party hardware and software integrations with OpenStack. Backed by more than a dozen vendors including VMware, NetApp, Hitachi and HP, this project will consist of a series of open source tools enabling these providers to self-certify their hardware and software against OpenStack releases and API calls. These tools will be coupled with an online dashboard providing a simple compatibility matrix.

This will be a huge step forward in helping end users whom are ready to adopt OpenStack, particularly those with existing infrastructure they’re looking to capitalize upon.

Most exciting to me, this project reminds me of the RefStack initiative and its goal to provide certified compatibility amongst OpenStack installations. Acknowledging a consistent definition of what an “OpenStack” installation is enables organizations to maintain consistent expectations as they choose OpenStack solutions.

Interoperability helps drives customer adoption and fuel additional hardware and software support from new vendors. Both these initiatives fuel the continued growth and adoption of OpenStack by both today's and tomorrow’s IT Operators. Blue Box is excited to see these projects catalyze further OpenStack adoption.

Jesse Proudman
Jesse Proudman is the Founder and CTO of Blue Box. Jesse is an entrepreneur with an unbridled passion for Technology and the Internet’s infrastructure. With 17 years of hands on operating experience, Jesse brings vigor for corporate evangelism and product development mixed with an insatiable desire to win. You can find him on Twitter and .

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