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Writing the Next Chapter

Writing the Next Chapter

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Eleven years is a long time, but as the CEO of a technology company, it is an eternity. The last eleven years at Blue Box have been an indescribable journey.

The path from founding the company in my dorm room to where Blue Box stands today has been fraught with triumph and tragedy, celebration and disappointment, and yet I couldn’t be more proud of what the team at Blue Box has built, and the accomplishments we have collectively achieved.

In the early days, the majority of my time and energy was spent building the business – and building the business meant I was deeply involved in its technical guts. From engineering to site reliability, I spent my energy innovating and evolving our technology stack. Over the years, as the business grew, my ability to stay connected to the core aspects of technical operations dwindled, while my business responsibilities as CEO evolved.

The fundraising process is an incredible experience and one that I wish every budding entrepreneur not only has the fortune to undertake, but to successfully complete. And completing our financing changed my role in a meaningful way. With adjusted priorities now focused on building value for the company, assembling a world-class team, sales and future fundraising efforts, no longer was I able to include myself in the meaningful day-to-day work that I had the privilege of previously working on. Through this transition, I began to feel very disconnected from the aspects of the business I truly loved.

Matthew Schiltz, Tier 3’s CEO, and I began serious discussions in November, following the acquisition of Tier 3. As two Pacific Northwest companies, I’ve always seen Blue Box in a similar vein to Tier 3. I’ve known Jared (Tier 3’s founder and CTO) for many years and it has always felt as if we share a set of common roots. As both organizations raised capital and brought products to market, they continued to share many characteristics, with one key distinction: Tier 3 was focused on public cloud and Blue Box is focused on private.

Today, I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Matthew Schiltz as CEO of Blue Box.

This transition marks the beginning of the next chapter for Blue Box, and for me personally. With Matt joining the company, I have the privilege to be appointed to Chief Technology Officer. This is my opportunity to play to my strengths and to once again get my hands dirty as a technologist. As CTO, my focus will be on communicating the differentiation and value of our technology platform. I couldn’t be more delighted to get back to my roots as a technologist, and to harness my creative energies in a new way.

After launching our Early Adopter offering at OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong, it has been a delight to be out in the field talking with prospects and customers. Every meeting continues to hammer home the reality that the OpenStack market has been waiting for a delivery vehicle like Blue Box Cloud. With Matt’s wisdom, experience and relationships, Blue Box is exceptionally positioned to leverage the incredible technology foundation we’ve built over the previous decade, and I’m giddy in anticipation to witness the coming year for Blue Box.

2014, here we come!

Come find me and a significant portion of our team at OpenStack Summit in Atlanta this week to learn about our innovative approach to OpenStack hosted, private cloud.

- Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman
Jesse Proudman is the Founder and CTO of Blue Box. Jesse is an entrepreneur with an unbridled passion for Technology and the Internet’s infrastructure. With 17 years of hands on operating experience, Jesse brings vigor for corporate evangelism and product development mixed with an insatiable desire to win. You can find him on Twitter and .

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