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A proven track record of game-changing solutions.

Don’t take our word for it. Let our customers tell you what it’s like working with IBM Blue Box and why they’ve trusted us with their biggest and brightest innovations.
No matter the challenge, no matter the industry, IBM Blue Box understands how application performance, scalability and accessibility can make or break your business. Our Case Studies illustrate how IBM Blue Box has played an invaluable role in helping our customers to manage explosive growth and excel in an environment of uncertainty and complexity when other hosting providers fell short. Below, find just a few of our proudest achievements.

Cloudsoft: Bringing business to the cloud.

With Cloudsoft’s Application Management Platform (AMP) software, the development and operation of applications is streamlined for IT teams—helping companies accelerate cloud adoption. That’s where IBM Blue Box comes into the mix.

Cloudsoft’s AMP tool allows customers to deploy and manage applications on any cloud. It integrates seamlessly within existing processes to maximize developer productivity; operational excellence; cost efficiency; code quality; IT usage awareness and business continuity.

When Blue Box was acquired by IBM in 2015, Cloudsoft, an existing SoftLayer client, felt their private cloud services were a good fit for their growing business. The OpenStack expertise coupled with the processes in place to ensure network reliability made it a perfect partnership.

Cloudsoft (INTRO)

The Challenge

Provide an OpenStack-powered, secure cloud in a variety of global locations for customers using the Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP).


Treehouse: Helping technology students go from 0 to job ready in 6 – 12 months with the flexibility of IBM Blue Box.

Maintaining an educational technology site that’s responsible for helping graduates gain employment in the software industry requires a reliable, solid infrastructure that’s scalable. The natural solution? IBM Blue Box.

When unexpected AWS outages and noisy neighbors were plaguing Treehouse, they decided it was necessary to switch to a managed hosting solution that provided more predictability. They found a great match with the original managed hosted service offering from IBM Blue Box.

Because of that success, it was only natural for Treehouse to embrace IBM Blue Box when it became available. When they upgraded, they received better virtualization technology, more control over networking and the ability to use security groups as an extra layer to isolate environments.

Treehouse (INTRO)

The Challenge

Eliminating unexpected outages and the claustrophobia of noisy neighbors. Delivering control over networking. Creating an easy way to add capacity.