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Imagine: What if all the capabilities of an enterprise-wide private cloud could be fully deployed in your organization in just a few weeks—while reducing overall IT spend? IBM Blue Box Local provides the only solution that lets your company make this transformation.

IBM Blue Box Local offers a turnkey, private-cloud-as-a-service (PCaaS) solution, delivered to your in-house or colocation data center in a streamlined process so you can quickly leverage the service. Powered by OpenStack, the industry-leading open source cloud platform, Blue Box Cloud Local delivers a fully-managed OpenStack PCaaS solution that maintains the highest levels of performance, security, and compliance.

Public cloud consumption is wreaking havoc for today’s CIOs and CFOs, creating enterprise-wide security risks and financial uncertainty when operated at scale. Executives now seek solutions that provide the agility and cost benefits of a public cloud, along with the control and security advantages of a private cloud. However, only a small number of organizations possess the resources and skill sets required to design, deploy, and operate the private cloud infrastructure.

Built by cloud operators for cloud operators, IBM Blue Box Cloud Local is now available for enterprises and service providers. This fully-managed solution lets customers control their overall cost, as well as their cost predictability, and it thereby creates positive visibility within their organization. IBM Blue Box Local is not a virtual private cloud, but one with a dedicated, converged infrastructure. It delivers the performance, security, cost predictability, and administrative control that is critical to meet the needs of the larger enterprise.


Blue Box Cloud Architecture Diagram

Purpose Built for Cloud Operators by Cloud Operators:

At Blue Box, we’ve been operating private clouds delivered as a service since 2007. It’s part of our DNA. IBM Blue Box Local is built on the proven IBM Blue Box Dedicated solution that is now available in SoftLayer data centers worldwide.

Consistent and complete provisioning and configuration management:

IBM Blue Box Local provides the hardware, software and services from the rack all the way through to billing and customer support.

Critical functionality for customers of all sizes:

You can confidently provide private cloud services in an easily consumable fashion through industry standard portals and APIs. You are backed by cloud operations and the management expertise of Blue Box, the cloud operator for cloud operators.

Dynamic cloud personalities in minutes:

A cloud personality is a term that describes its infrastructure requirements, such as VLANs, subnets, server specs, and the operating system and software required to run a cloud service. IBM Blue Box Local lets enterprise customers deploy clouds, in minutes, that meet the demands of all workloads.

Industrial Strength Hybrid Cloud:

A true hybrid cloud, both IBM Blue Box Local and IBM Blue Box Dedicated infrastructures are operated by IBM.

Security With Transparency:

The IBM Blue Box Local infrastructure can also connect to cloud services in the IBM Blue Box Dedicated environment, allowing a single pane of glass for operating sites via secure encrypted tunnels over private or public networks.

Blue Box Local Hardware:

IBM Blue Box Local is a fully-operated service, thus eliminating the difficult work of cloud management. We have a hardened and proven Bill of Materials, built for maximum performance and cost efficiency. We deliver full life cycle services from procurement, racking, stacking, and integration of OpenStack. In addition, we provide all hardware maintenance support.


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