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The power of OpenStack on your terms

OpenStack is ready for business and IBM is here to provide the open cloud experience you want, where you want it, without the headaches.


IBM Blue Box Cloud gives you the power of OpenStack, on your terms.

  • Harness all benefits of OpenStack and avoid the headaches
  • Open by design: We use open technologies that do not lock you in
  • You get: agility, open source, huge community, 9+ iterations of stabilization, and a scalable architecture
  • You avoid: setting it up yourself, making mind-numbing configuration choices, managing hardware blueprints


Do what you do best: deliver great customer experiences and value from your application, and let us manage the foundation for you. With our solution, you’ll get:

  • Your own OpenStack cloud, managed by our infrastructure experts
  • Time for your engineers to stay focused on building and iterating great apps
  • The private, dedicated OpenStack choice of innovators


We offer two deployment options—Dedicated and Local.

Blue Box Dedicated is available in IBM Cloud data centers worldwide. We own the hardware, but it’s dedicated to your cloud deployment. The simple and predictable monthly pricing includes all you need to get started with OpenStack plus you can scale capacity up or down with no long term commits or penalties. With Blue Box Local, you supply the data center and buy the hardware, but we still manage all aspects of your private cloud. You get the same great OpenStack experience inside the four walls of your data center.

With either option, your cloud runs the same OpenStack deployment that we run for all of our other customers day after day.

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Your private cloud.

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